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20. Oktober 2012

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Grey Goose Shantymen

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In the middle of germany, at the foot of the mountain "Weidelsberg" (504 meters) you find a small villiage called "Ippinghausen". By land you find the village, a part of Wolfhagen, on the half way between Kassel and the Sauerland.
On the seaway comming from the north sea the route leads over Bremerhaven going the river Weser upstream. In Hann.-Münden you have to go upstream in to the river Fulda along Kassel through the river Eder and at least over the little river Elbe up to Ippinghausen.
This is no sailor's yarn - you only have to consider that the ship becomes smaller and smaller.
In August 1991 the Shantychor Ippinghausen was founded under the musical direction of Helmut Uthof. One year later 20 passionated singers have gone to Mainz to take part in the biggest Shantychor of the world at the TV-program ,,ZDF-Fernsehgarten".
In the meantime the chorus is known over the borders of Nordhessen. Popular songs from the Wanterkant, sea-songs but also shanties in the english-language are part of the repertoire of the chorus.
"To give pleasure by singing" that's the motto of our chorus. Appearances in hospitals and old people's homes are tradition for us. Together with the marin-chorus "Original Blaue Jungs aus Bremerhaven" we gained more than 15.000 € for charitable points.
Many people ask why sea-songs are cultivated in the inland. In former times many ordinary seamen came trom the inland. Even some of our chorus-singers have snuffeld sea-air, some of them at their time at the federal navy.
In our songs we let survival the dream of the expanse of the sea, of far countries and of interesting people.
In December 1997 we have recorded our first CD.
Under the titel "Der Störtebecker ist unser Herr..." we give a musical cross-section of our repertoire.
In August 1997 - during a trip abroad - we visited Paimpol (Bretagne) to get to know the shanties traditionals. Songs about the legend Stan Hugil have been sung. In our opinion it`s very important to maintain these old songs and in the future we are going to cultivate them.

Ippinghausen Februar 1998

Norbert Schröder

In 2003 changed the leading of the chor from Helmut Uthof to Siegfried Heinicke.